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There is a great variety and types of ceilings to choose from and by keeping your imagination active the design possibilities are endless. Below are a few types of ceilings, from the most basic to the more decorative:

Drywall ceiling: Drywall ceilings are the most common style seen in most homes. They have an uncluttered, flat surface.

Suspended ceiling: Suspended ceilings, also referred to as drop ceilings, hangs below an existing ceiling. It is made up of a metal grid with lightweight acoustic panels to create this second ceiling. This is a great way to hide unsightly wiring, plumbing or mechanical fixtures.

MMS Group is a modern company with a fresh outlook on remodelling interior design.
We specialize in quality customized ceilings for commercial and industrial projects and have many beautiful designs to suit any project. Whether it's a new office building, or an industrial renovation, our ceilings can transform a dull and boring room into an attractive architectural masterpiece.  Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.  Have you had any thoughts for small space furniture for your tiny house, small apartment or studio? I'm sure you've searched the web for different ideas. If and when you get into this new adventure of tiny houses and small space living.

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